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Tamor & Tamor is a San Francisco Bay Area law firm with offices in the Jack London Square District in Oakland that concentrates in the areas of complex criminal defense and general civil litigation.

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Drug and Narcotics Crimes

The lawyers at Tamor & Tamor have been representing criminal defendants in both major and minor drug and narcotics cases for over 30 combined years. They have handled hundreds of misdemeanor, felony, and juvenile drug and narcotics cases in both state and federal court. They have the experience, knowledge, and determination to effectively represent clients facing charges involving powder and crack cocaine, methamphetamine, ice, crystal, heroin, marijuana, prescription drugs, and other drugs:

  • Drug possession
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Drug manufacturing or cultivation
  • Drug importation or drug trafficking
  • Drug sales or distribution
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Under the influence of illegal narcotics
  • Other related drug crimes

Federal Drug Crime Defense

Federal drug cases often involve extensive investigations by the FBI, DEA, or other investigative agency. Once a defendant has become aware of an ongoing investigation or impending charges, there is often little one can do because such extensive evidence has already been obtained, such as wiretap and surveillance evidence. The lawyers at Tamor & Tamor have the experience and aggressive defense tactics to provide effective federal drug crime defense, even in cases with seemingly overwhelming evidence.

State Drug Crime Defense

One of the cornerstones of a successful defense of State Court drug crimes involves protecting your constitutional rights. We are highly knowledgeable and skilled in the area of search and seizure and have argued, on hundreds of occasions, that evidence was illegally seized and should not be admitted into evidence. Our strategies include the following:

  • Filing Motions to Demand the turnover of every single piece of evidence large or small against our clients;
  • Filing Motions to Demand the turnover of every single piece of evidence that is favorable to our clients;
  • Filing Motions to disclose the identity and criminal record of every confidential or other informant;
  • Filing Motions to Dismiss the charges based on illegal search and seizure;
  • Initiating private investigations immediately including background investigations of key witnesses;
  • Conducting witness interviews of every possible witness both favorable and unfavorable to our clients;
  • Analyzing and organizing all pieces of evidence against our clients; and
  • Retaining Polygraph examiners, doctors, chemists, and other professional experts to analyze physical evidence and conduct forensic examinations.

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