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Tamor & Tamor is a San Francisco Bay Area law firm with offices in the Jack London Square District in Oakland that concentrates in the areas of complex criminal defense and general civil litigation.

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General Criminal Defense

The lawyers at Tamor & Tamor are experienced in every facet of any State or Federal criminal offense. Some of the most common criminal cases include drunk driving offenses, expungements, extradition, grand jury subpoenas, RICO, theft, trespassing/vandalism, and weapons violations.

DUI - DWI - Drunk Driving

Our lawyers have successfully represented clients in hundreds of DUI and Drunk-driving defense cases. They have obtained many dismissals or reduced charges because of their aggressive representation. This is a crime that most touches regular citizens that make a terrible mistake or make a poor decision while drinking. There are legitimate and effective defenses to many of these offenses. Moreover, there are mechanisms that allow you to keep your license, thereby reducing the effect on your every day life.

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Expungements and Petitions to Seal and Destroy

Having a criminal record can seriously interfere with your employment opportunities. The formal expungement of one's record may, in many cases, allow one to proceed as if the arrest or conviction never happened. You may be entitled to espond on an employment application, when asked if you have ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, that you had never been convicted of a crime in the past. Petitions for findings of factual innocence and petitions to seal and destroy arrest records are also possible depending on the circumstances of every case. The granting of these petitions, as the name implies, essentially seal and destroy any record of your arrest.

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The United States has signed extradition treaties with many foreign governments that each country produce to the other country persons accused of crimes. This is complex process handled in Federal Court and every treaty has its own set of criteria that must be complied with in order to either extradite someone to the United States from a foreign country or from the United States to a Foreign County. Our lawyers have the knowledge, expertise and experience to handle any extradition matter to or from any country. We have contacts throughout the world that we partner with in order to provide representation in the Foreign country as well as the United States.

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Grand Jury Subpoena / Subpoena to Testify

Any Court and some Agencies can issue Subpoenas for records or to testify. If you or your company has received such a subpoena, you know that this is often a frightening experience. You have certain rights and obligations when you receive a subpoena. It is illegal to purposefully lie or distort the truth under oath. Often times, you may legally refuse to comply with the subpoena at all. We have represented hundreds of individuals and companies that have received subpoenas and we have guided them though the process of responding or refusing to respond to the Subpoena.

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The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (commonly referred to as RICO) is aimed at ongoing criminal organizations. It is illegal for any criminal organization to profit from any legitimate enterprises. If it is found that a legitimate business or enterprise is funding criminal activity or a criminal organization, California may confiscate and seize the organization' s legitimate businesses in an attempt to financially cripple the organization. Additionally, it is illegal to receive monies in collection of unlawful debts.

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Theft is taking or stealing the personal property of another. It is also illegal to keep personal property that has been entrusted to a person under false pretenses. Upon conviction, a person may be required to pay back any items that were taken in addition to serving jail time and/or paying a fine. No threat of physical force or harm is required. If there is physical force present, a person may be charged with varying degrees of robbery. When a person takes an item from a store or retailer without authorization and without purchasing the item, the theft is considered petty theft if the item is less than $400. If it is more than $400, it is considered grand theft.

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Trespassing & Vandalism

In California, it is illegal to enter any land with intent to injury property, property rights or with intention to interfere, obstruct, or injure any lawful business. Furthermore, it is illegal to occupy any property not owned by the person without the owner's consent and it is illegal to refuse to leave private property or to gain unauthorized access of property. It is against the law to spray paint, destroy or otherwise deface any property as well.

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Weapons Violation

A weapons law violation is the violation of laws or ordinances regulating weapons, their uses and places in society. No assault weapons, machine guns or ammunition feeding devices with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds can be transported into California. New residents who own handguns have 60 days to register or sell their handgun once they move into California. Convicted felons are not allowed to possess or own firearms.

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